Market Research

Having a market insight is essential in making a business decision. Therefore, it is imperative to continuously source and analyze major markets outside your region and industry that could also create an impact.

We offer the most comprehensive collection of market intelligence and services in the real estate industry by monitoring trends and making projections to help you make those critical decisions. Our reports also include expert insights on market consumption, legal parameters and so on.

Our research specialists who have garnered in-depth knowledge will help you review the scope and methodology of the reports you require and give you informed and objective advice to ensure that you are making the right research purchase decision.
Our research will provide:
  • New developers who need a feasibility study of the market to understand market needs
  • Pricing parameters that must be considered based on the location and community
  • Project sizing and their related legal concerns

Corporate Leasing Solutions

Businesses find it a hassle to identify the right location to set up shop and start their services. We take pride in having created a niche market in corporate leasing solutions that vastly reduces your time-to-market. Our expert team is trained to understand your business requirements and quickly identify strategic locations to conduct your business.
We constantly study market trends for the ever-increasing demand of various vendor services to identify and provide profitable options. With our vast knowledge of the local real estate marketplace, we can quickly identify the best locations to set up your business. You can invest your time in opening shop in shortest time possible.
Our corporate leasing solutions offer the following:
  • Identifying the right location and space
  • Be sensitive to your business profile and budget
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of lease on your behalf
  • Co-ordinate with the vendor party to create the lease agreement
  • Identify accommodations for employees at locations close to your business area

We have garnered a lot of experience in organizing the corporate lease market. Our unique approach and unparalleled experience of servicing our corporate clients has brought us tremendous recognition and trust to sustain in this unpredictable business.

End-to-end Project Marketing Solutions for Real Estate Developers

Often, real estate developers find it difficult to market their projects and sell them. This leads to financial loss and depreciates the value of the project. We close the gap by finding the right buyers for your project and help in making the sale. You can focus on completing the project and delivering it to your customers.

Right from conceptualizing your project plan to making the sale, we offer flexible, transparent and profitable solutions to position your project effectively to the potential buyer. Our end-to-end project marketing solutions directly connect you to your buyer and quickly close the sale.

Our sales and marketing team conducts marketing campaigns and business presentations that are efficient and rewarding. Our seamless co-ordination creates a win-win situation for you and your end customers by making your project a huge success.

Our end-to-end project management solutions are listed as follows:
  • Legal authentication that increases project credibility
  • Project positioning by identifying target audience
  • Strategise effective communications plan
  • Conduct marketing campaigns
  • Generate leads of potential buyers
  • Close the sale
We primarily ensure that we only engage with development projects that are legally authenticated. Over the years, this level of transparency has created a level of trust for us in the marketplace. Your partnership with us increases the credibility of your project.

During the planning phase, we strive to position your project effectively by highlighting its value proposition. Through a well-planned communication strategy, we ensure that we target the appropriate segment of buyers.

Property Consultation

Today’s real estate market is a buyer’s market. Buyers are bombarded with a lot of information on investing in residential, commercial and industrial properties. This information overflow has however not proved beneficial to all the property buyers.

Our unique consultation strategy in this over-crowded market is the key differentiator that keeps us above competition. Our time-tested strategy for a property investment revolves around the following factors:

  • Creating a property investment strategy
  • Help you make rational financial decisions
  • Advice on how to self-sustain your property
  • Professional team of advisors to implement your strategy

Our property consultation solutions include the following:
  • Buying, selling or leasing residential, commercial or industrial properties
  • Negotiate property deals
  • Conduct transparent transactions
  • Conduct an independent market survey on prevalent market rates
  • Provide accurate investment trends at any given point in time
  • Reduce your time and effort to help you make informed decisions
As a part of our unified solutions, we also partner with leading development projects that you can choose from. These projects are carefully authenticated and promoted by our business team.

Our value propositions and solutions ascertain the following:
  • Fit: We continuously strive to offer the best solutions to meet the constantly changing client needs.
  • Uniqueness: We have always treaded the path that was less taken. That’s why we have experienced mutual trust and loyalty from our customers
  • Sustainability: We have stood the test of time! Our solutions have constantly evolved and are flexible to every client’s interest.
  • Credibility: We are created brand for ourselves in the real estate industry. Development companies want to be associated with us, and their end customers trust us with their investment decisions.

Our Core Competencies:
  • We constantly endeavor to bring a positive change in your outlook towards the real estate marketplace.
  • Any decision, big or small, service to you takes first priority.
  • We only associate with the best in industry and those who strive to be the best.
  • We maintain transparency at every level because your patronage means the world to us.
  • Your satisfaction is our publicity.
  • Your success is our motivation.
  • Create a strong sense of loyalty.